Have you ever seen a picture done by someone in Poser and wished that you could do that but never had the skills needed or wished that someone could make a picture of your dreams. Well now you can with Commission by Allogagan. I have been using Poser since February 2002 and I am offering to make commission works in Poser for prices starting the low price of $20 per picture. I will have below a selection of just a few of the skin textures and other features I can offer. This page is always changing and updating so check back often. I do all my work using the figures of Aiko / Victoria 4 and Michael 4 but I do have other figures. I do my work in Poser Pro 11.

Face and Skin Texture samples
Below are samples of some of the skin textures I have for my females (Victoria 4) and their face morphs. Please note any skin texture can be used with any morphs plus I have different makeup, eye and lips textures for each one also.


Hair samples
Hair samples will be coming soon but in the mean time you can tell me what kind of hair your looking for and I can send you examples of what I have like that in the mean time.

I charge $20 per picture with pictures of up to 3 figures in detail (background figures that have little to no details such as little people in a giantess picture are free) and then $5 extra for every detailed figure after that. As I have stated I do have a male figure (Michael 4) but I only have a limited resource for him at this time.
I am willing to do just about any kind of picture expect for the following. No acts of Sex, no nudity,  limited vore or other acts of violence or any other scenes that would be illegal in the real world.

How to go about paying for your commission
If you would like to request a commission the first thing would be to email me at allogagan@gmail.com with the subject: Commission. Tell me what you are looking for me to do. How many detailed figures you would like to have in the shot, remember background figures are free so you don't have to give great detail about those. After a few questions from me to clarify anything I need to know I will give you a price and time frame if this is agreed upon I will send you a PayPal link to use to pay for the commission and when it is finished I will email you an link to get the final product. There are no refunds expect if I am more then 2 weeks late with the picture without telling you that I will be late and a reason why. If you are not able to use PayPal please let me know ahead of time and we will see what we can do for the payment. Typical time for a picture is about 3 days to 2 weeks depending on the picture and my work schedule.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing for you about what I can make for you.

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